AXN: Appetizer for Hilarious Shows

Bored in home?? Being told by your mom to stop using computers and don’t know what to do??
For Accident and Stunt lovers… You should have this channel…

Maybe you’re not interested with this channel. But a boring quote “Never judge a book by its cover” proves this. You’ll like the shows they’re serving.

1. Whacked Out Sports

Every sports has accident. Not only accident, but funny stunts too! Have ever seen anything that makes you “WAO~”

2. Video Zonkers

The host is so funny as hell, same voice in Whacked Out Sports. Sometimes they put Jackass onto the show too. They’re just insane as usual.

Sorry I haven’t got the video of it… for more info, here is the link, AXN Asia

For people who’s not in Asia, just click here

3. Maximum Exposure

These people shouldn’t be alive now. Dirtbike Jump

Yeah.. my favorite 3 idiotic shows… Vote the host to be the HOST OF THE YEAR… (voice narrating)

Wish they have that kind of award


Hyper Cat

This is my cat. His name is Itsuki. I got this name from an anime character called Itsuki Minami from Air Gear.

He’s the worst cat ever…

1. Sleeping like “ANGEL” *awhh……

2. Crybaby

3. Stupid and Idiotic

4. Hyper… It’s like he gets ADHD somehow…


Hi, the name’s Syallow. I’ve been living such a freaky and horrofying life. But, that’s how life is going on. (I made this art… Hey, I was really stressed. No joke)


I don’t really know what’s happening in here… Each time, things are going even crazier than we think. If you’re wishing for a happy life, THINK AGAIN!

Don’t wish before you see the reality. World is starting to rotten with “people” around us. Every body has an enemy, rite?

I have an enemy, but there are more people that I hate. If you heard someone you hate is having a good time and we’re not…

I felt like I want to say …