Happy Birthday!

Well, I found out that Niel’s birthday is on 28th August in “upcoming birthday” on Facebook. But he didn’t want anybody know his birthday. So yeah, I told some of my friends about this. Well I only told Selena, Skinna, Rali, Lomilom, and Ester. Well, Selena got company too, Pingkan.

We secretly went to the Kitchen to get 5 eggs (i guess) and some flour.

GUESS WHAT?? Maybe this is not my day..

I spilled some poster paint on my uniform…. A purple one. Damn those purple paints, I had to wash my uniform in the toilet all day long, and I thanked Ester for lending me her t-shirt.

So, I asked him to take a photo with us in the Basement. Luckily, he was too dumb to realize our mission he..hee..hee…. *evil smile*

So after we took many pictures …….. RALI SMASHED HIM AN EGG!!
But the yellow yolk landed on Selena’s skirt, and she was so mad and screaming to Rali.

I cracked an egg on his head.. He’s so miserable…
And the others spread some flours on his head.

TA-DA…. He smelled like a cow… Anyway, Happy Birthday bud!!


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