Paramore: All We Know is Falling & Riot!

I love this band so much!!!

This band made up by 4 persons: Hayley Williams (lead vocal/keyboard) , Josh Farro (guitar/backing vocal), Zac Farro (drums), and Jeremy Davis (bass).

Source: Wikipedia

1. All We Know

2. Pressure

3. Emergency

4. Brighter

5. Here We Go Again

6. Never Let This Go

7. Whoa

8. Conspiracy

9. Franklin

10. My Heart

11. Oh Star (Japanese Bonus Track)

My Favorite Video in this album:

Source: FueledByRamen in YouTube

Then in the 2nd Album: Riot!

1. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

2. That’s What You Get

3. Halleluyah

4. Misery Business

5. When It Rains

6. Let The Flames Begin

7. Miracle!

8. Crushcrushcrush

9. We Are Broken

10. Fences

11. Born For This

These are GREAT VIDEOS from their 2nd album:

FYI, Hayley is nominated to be one of 100 Beautiful People in PEOPLE Magazine. Hayley is dating Josh Farro (I guess… The news said so). Hayley loves RAMEN!!


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