Tokio Hotel “Best New Artist” by Video Music Awards MTV

MTV Video Music Awards in 2008. I’m very happy coz Tokio Hotel has won the “Best New Artist” category. They’re so speechless and “SMILEY”. I love Tokio Hotel since 1 year ago, but I want to post about them in this entry.

Their band made up by 4 people:

  • Bill Kaulitz : Lead vocals (Sennheiser)
  • Tom Kaulitz: Lead Guitar (Gibson)
  • Georg Listing: Bass Guitar (Sandberg)
  • Gustav Schäfer: Drums (Tama & Meinl Cymbals)

This band came from German. They’ve published 4 albums and 1 live concert album.

German Version:

  • Schrei (2005)
  • Schrei – so laut du kannst (2006), re-recording of Schrei
  • Zimmer 483 (2007)

English Version:

  • Scream/ Room 483 (2007)

Live album: Zimmer 483 – Live In Europe

Since I have the “SCREAM” album, I recommend you fellas to listen to these songs:

  • Monsoon
  • Ready Set Go
  • Don’t Jump
  • Sacred
  • Break Away
  • Rescue Me
  • By Your Side

You could find these songs in their official Imeem

Awards that they have received:

Category Award Date
Best Newcomer / Super Comet Comet Awards 6 October
Best Newcomer Eins Live Krone 24 November
Best Pop National Act Bambi Awards 1 December
Best Single / Best Pop/Rock Band 2005 Golden Penguin …2005
Category Award Date
Album of the year / Band of the year / Song of the year – ‘Der Letzte Tag’ Golden Penguin 8 February
Ausverkaufte Tourhalle Sold-out-Award of Königpilsen Arena 11 March
Best Newcomer ECHO Awards 12 March
Best Newcomer Steiger Awards 25 March
Best Pop National Act Bambi Awards 30 November
Category Award Date
European Border Breakers Award NRJ Awards 21 January
Best Video National ECHO Awards 25 March
Best Video / Best Band / Supercomet Comet Awards 3 May
Most Successful Popgroup International Goldene Stimmgabel Awards 3 October
Best International Act MTV EMA Music Awards 1 November
Category Award Date
Best International Band NRJ Music Awards 26 January
Best Music Video Echo Awards 15 February
Best Band/Best Live Act/Best Video/Super Comet Comet Awards 23 February
Best New Artist MTV VMA Music Awards 7 September

Source: Wikipedia, CD Music, MTV Video Music Awards

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A girl with FN Five-seven, It’s hard to draw~

Desperately seeking the murder of my love

Desperately seeking the murder of my love

I picked FN Five-seven because I always use that gun when playing Counter Strike ^^

So this girl’s carrying FN Five-seven *just pretend it’s 57… ican’tdrawguns* and her boyfriend’s jacket, full with blood. She’s seeking for the murder of her beloved love.

I’ve watched “THE HITCHER” before, so I guess this is similar to a girl in that movie.I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! That girl was totally AWESOME…

“I don’t feel anything” and BANG, she shot him with a shotgun.

And this girl’s outfit, it reminds me of Bianchi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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I want to kill him but I just can’t ROFL someone thought that I’m goin to kill him for real..

Well I’ve already talk about my STUPID, IDIOTIC, MORON cat.

Pict 1: He’s watchin’ MTV with mee

Pict 2: He looked so bored

Itsuki's watchin' MTV
Itsuki's annoyed

My fellas say that HE’S SO ADORABLE.. yeah he’s so adorable that’s why I CAN’T

He’s just too…too.. AKH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, my weakness is only seing his eyes! *I never fall for any cats but him*

Look what happen when he found my work: HE SLEPT ON MY PAPER

Hey, Itsuki, c'me here, I'll kill you

Hey, Itsuki, c'mere.. don't worry....

Ups.. I guess I should update more ^^

It’s been 2 weeks I haven’t update this blog… Yeah, I’ve been busy with stuff and a lot of deadline for my manga course.

I’ll be updating great musics, videos, and many more in here.

Emergency by Paramore

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I’m a newbie in wordpress, so please help me!!

I feel musical, baby

I feel musical, baby