I want to kill him but I just can’t ROFL someone thought that I’m goin to kill him for real..

Well I’ve already talk about my STUPID, IDIOTIC, MORON cat.

Pict 1: He’s watchin’ MTV with mee

Pict 2: He looked so bored

Itsuki's watchin' MTV
Itsuki's annoyed

My fellas say that HE’S SO ADORABLE.. yeah he’s so adorable that’s why I CAN’T

He’s just too…too.. AKH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, my weakness is only seing his eyes! *I never fall for any cats but him*

Look what happen when he found my work: HE SLEPT ON MY PAPER

Hey, Itsuki, c'me here, I'll kill you

Hey, Itsuki, c'mere.. don't worry....


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