I want to kill him but I just can’t ROFL someone thought that I’m goin to kill him for real..

Well I’ve already talk about my STUPID, IDIOTIC, MORON cat.

Pict 1: He’s watchin’ MTV with mee

Pict 2: He looked so bored

Itsuki's watchin' MTV
Itsuki's annoyed

My fellas say that HE’S SO ADORABLE.. yeah he’s so adorable that’s why I CAN’T

He’s just too…too.. AKH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, my weakness is only seing his eyes! *I never fall for any cats but him*

Look what happen when he found my work: HE SLEPT ON MY PAPER

Hey, Itsuki, c'me here, I'll kill you

Hey, Itsuki, c'mere.. don't worry....


Ups.. I guess I should update more ^^

It’s been 2 weeks I haven’t update this blog… Yeah, I’ve been busy with stuff and a lot of deadline for my manga course.

I’ll be updating great musics, videos, and many more in here.

Emergency by Paramore

O yeah, i’ve been wondering, HOW TO INSERT POLLS TO OUR POST?

I’m a newbie in wordpress, so please help me!!

I feel musical, baby

I feel musical, baby

Happy Birthday!

Well, I found out that Niel’s birthday is on 28th August in “upcoming birthday” on Facebook. But he didn’t want anybody know his birthday. So yeah, I told some of my friends about this. Well I only told Selena, Skinna, Rali, Lomilom, and Ester. Well, Selena got company too, Pingkan.

We secretly went to the Kitchen to get 5 eggs (i guess) and some flour.

GUESS WHAT?? Maybe this is not my day..

I spilled some poster paint on my uniform…. A purple one. Damn those purple paints, I had to wash my uniform in the toilet all day long, and I thanked Ester for lending me her t-shirt.

So, I asked him to take a photo with us in the Basement. Luckily, he was too dumb to realize our mission he..hee..hee…. *evil smile*

So after we took many pictures …….. RALI SMASHED HIM AN EGG!!
But the yellow yolk landed on Selena’s skirt, and she was so mad and screaming to Rali.

I cracked an egg on his head.. He’s so miserable…
And the others spread some flours on his head.

TA-DA…. He smelled like a cow… Anyway, Happy Birthday bud!!

Hyper Cat

This is my cat. His name is Itsuki. I got this name from an anime character called Itsuki Minami from Air Gear.

He’s the worst cat ever…

1. Sleeping like “ANGEL” *awhh……

2. Crybaby

3. Stupid and Idiotic

4. Hyper… It’s like he gets ADHD somehow…


Hi, the name’s Syallow. I’ve been living such a freaky and horrofying life. But, that’s how life is going on. (I made this art… Hey, I was really stressed. No joke)


I don’t really know what’s happening in here… Each time, things are going even crazier than we think. If you’re wishing for a happy life, THINK AGAIN!

Don’t wish before you see the reality. World is starting to rotten with “people” around us. Every body has an enemy, rite?

I have an enemy, but there are more people that I hate. If you heard someone you hate is having a good time and we’re not…

I felt like I want to say …