Paramore: All We Know is Falling & Riot!

I love this band so much!!!

This band made up by 4 persons: Hayley Williams (lead vocal/keyboard) , Josh Farro (guitar/backing vocal), Zac Farro (drums), and Jeremy Davis (bass).

Source: Wikipedia

1. All We Know

2. Pressure

3. Emergency

4. Brighter

5. Here We Go Again

6. Never Let This Go

7. Whoa

8. Conspiracy

9. Franklin

10. My Heart

11. Oh Star (Japanese Bonus Track)

My Favorite Video in this album:

Source: FueledByRamen in YouTube

Then in the 2nd Album: Riot!

1. For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

2. That’s What You Get

3. Halleluyah

4. Misery Business

5. When It Rains

6. Let The Flames Begin

7. Miracle!

8. Crushcrushcrush

9. We Are Broken

10. Fences

11. Born For This

These are GREAT VIDEOS from their 2nd album:

FYI, Hayley is nominated to be one of 100 Beautiful People in PEOPLE Magazine. Hayley is dating Josh Farro (I guess… The news said so). Hayley loves RAMEN!!


30 Seconds To Mars: Addiction

This is the best band I ever heard…. I love this band since they made the 2nd album “A Beautiful Lie”

I love a video called “Capricorn (a brand new name)” from their first album, “30 Seconds To Mars”.

Here is a fan video of “Oblivion”, one of their best songs in the 1st album… But sadly, they didn’t make the video 😦

Thanks to 33d0minik33 for making this video!

This video contains 30 Seconds to Mars Music Video:

  • Attack: “A Beautiful Lie” Album
  • The Kill: “A Beautiful Lie” Album
  • Capricorn: “30 Seconds To Mars” Album

I love the vocalist so much, his name is Jared Leto. He has an extremely good career in acting and I really like his voice, it’s so awesome!! He always be a supporting/2nd character, but he always great in those things! He played in “Panic Room” as Junior. He also played in “Lonely Hearts”.

And the best drummer I’ve ever heard, Shannon Leto (Jared Leto’s brother). He’s so amazing when he plays his drum.

Comments all accepted, if you want to ask anything about 30 Seconds To Mars, I’ll be happy to help you.

Happy Birthday!

Well, I found out that Niel’s birthday is on 28th August in “upcoming birthday” on Facebook. But he didn’t want anybody know his birthday. So yeah, I told some of my friends about this. Well I only told Selena, Skinna, Rali, Lomilom, and Ester. Well, Selena got company too, Pingkan.

We secretly went to the Kitchen to get 5 eggs (i guess) and some flour.

GUESS WHAT?? Maybe this is not my day..

I spilled some poster paint on my uniform…. A purple one. Damn those purple paints, I had to wash my uniform in the toilet all day long, and I thanked Ester for lending me her t-shirt.

So, I asked him to take a photo with us in the Basement. Luckily, he was too dumb to realize our mission he..hee..hee…. *evil smile*

So after we took many pictures …….. RALI SMASHED HIM AN EGG!!
But the yellow yolk landed on Selena’s skirt, and she was so mad and screaming to Rali.

I cracked an egg on his head.. He’s so miserable…
And the others spread some flours on his head.

TA-DA…. He smelled like a cow… Anyway, Happy Birthday bud!!

AXN: Appetizer for Hilarious Shows

Bored in home?? Being told by your mom to stop using computers and don’t know what to do??
For Accident and Stunt lovers… You should have this channel…

Maybe you’re not interested with this channel. But a boring quote “Never judge a book by its cover” proves this. You’ll like the shows they’re serving.

1. Whacked Out Sports

Every sports has accident. Not only accident, but funny stunts too! Have ever seen anything that makes you “WAO~”

2. Video Zonkers

The host is so funny as hell, same voice in Whacked Out Sports. Sometimes they put Jackass onto the show too. They’re just insane as usual.

Sorry I haven’t got the video of it… for more info, here is the link, AXN Asia

For people who’s not in Asia, just click here

3. Maximum Exposure

These people shouldn’t be alive now. Dirtbike Jump

Yeah.. my favorite 3 idiotic shows… Vote the host to be the HOST OF THE YEAR… (voice narrating)

Wish they have that kind of award

Hyper Cat

This is my cat. His name is Itsuki. I got this name from an anime character called Itsuki Minami from Air Gear.

He’s the worst cat ever…

1. Sleeping like “ANGEL” *awhh……

2. Crybaby

3. Stupid and Idiotic

4. Hyper… It’s like he gets ADHD somehow…


Hi, the name’s Syallow. I’ve been living such a freaky and horrofying life. But, that’s how life is going on. (I made this art… Hey, I was really stressed. No joke)


I don’t really know what’s happening in here… Each time, things are going even crazier than we think. If you’re wishing for a happy life, THINK AGAIN!

Don’t wish before you see the reality. World is starting to rotten with “people” around us. Every body has an enemy, rite?

I have an enemy, but there are more people that I hate. If you heard someone you hate is having a good time and we’re not…

I felt like I want to say …